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Google Cloud Next 2018
Aug 10, 2018

At Google Cloud Next this year, I presented two talks.

Proactively Stocking Inventory using Machine Learning

The basic premise was somewhat simple: could standard in-store cameras be used to monitor inventory? The example I used was based on having to restock produce in a timely manner by notifying store associates that specific items were out of stock.

The talk was recorded and is available below. The code for my demos is at crcsmnky/stocking-inventory on Github.

End to End Collaborative Data Workflows

My goal for this talk was to walk through the order of operations and tools needed to accomplish a standard data workflow. Specifically, I go through the steps, tools, and processes for the following:

  • Cleansing and preparing data
  • Storing data in warehouse
  • Analyzing using SQL and basic reporting
  • Analyzing using Jupyter notebooks
  • Building and deploying Tensorflow models to make recommendations

The talk was recorded and is available below. I’m still working on making some of the demo code available.

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